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Dinkar Kamat
Dinkar KamatUpdated a month ago

Complete free voice modulator for your online games.

Voicemod is a free real-time voice modulator specially designed to be used in games and online matches. With over 90 available voices and effects, this powerful application allows you to unleash your creativity, bringing your characters to life in popular video games such as GTA V, League of Legends, Fortnite, or Valorant. Are you a content creator? This is for you, as thanks to its wide range of voice modulation options and effects like autotune, this app is the perfect ally to easily viralize your videos on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch. Surpassing rivals like MorphVOX Pro, Voicemod is the most downloaded voice-changing app on the market. Would you like to know why?

What are the main functions of Voicemod?

Voicemod has a wide selection of tools with which you can change your voice in just a few clicks. These are the Voice Changer- Undoubtedly the star function of Voicemod. From this tool, you can alter your voice and make it sound like animals, robots, famous characters, monsters, creatures of all kinds, and much more. Once you have made your choice, the modulator will be applied to your microphone to alter your voice in real-time.

  1. Preview effects- Before adding any filter to your voice, Voicemod will allow you to listen to them before applying them to any conversation.
  2. Soundboard- Voicemod includes a complete table of sound effects, famous phrases, and memes to use during your games, streaming sessions, or simply while talking to someone through voice chat.
  3. Voicelab- None of the default effects and voices of Voicemod may fit what you are looking for. For this, you can create your own filter by altering parameters such as pitch, speaking speed, echo, etc.
  4. Hotkeys- Customize Voicemod's sound effects library thanks to its hotkeys system and surprise everyone with your.
  5. Musical Meme Machine- Voicemod includes a fun option capable of turning any text into a song thanks to the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Write a text, choose one of the 8 available singers, and create the song of your dreams.

Usability: A simple and intuitive interface

Voicemod has a really low learning curve, being a perfect application for both novice users and those already experienced in voice modulation. Its interface is really intuitive, showing all its main functions with just opening the app. Choosing each of Voicemod's tools is as simple as clicking on its icon and starting to use them without any complication. The application also has its own integration tools for platforms like Discord, Skype, or Twitch, being able to use the program on all of them without having to waste time on complicated configuration processes.

Performance: Easily modify your voice without your CPU noticing

Whether you have a brand new computer or if your system is a bit older, Voicemod is the perfect application to change your voice. The program works perfectly without hardly using any resources from your operating system. This means that any filter you apply to your voice will work instantly, without latency changes, and without your interlocutor noticing it. The same happens when using its Soundboard, playing any sound or meme instantly without your computer suffering. This is especially important when playing online games, as having Voicemod activated will not interfere with the performance of the video game nor in the real-time broadcasting of your video.

The best voice modulator on the market

Voicemod is, without a doubt, one of the best programs to change your voice. Its extraordinary library of filters and sound effects, accompanied by its simple and intuitive interface, make it a must-have for every gamer, streamer, and content creator who wants to add some excitement to their games and videos. All of this in a stable, simple, and resource-friendly way. If you're looking for a reliable, powerful, and fun voice modulator, you shouldn't wait any longer to download Voicemod.


  • Wide library of filters and effects
  • Clear and simple interface
  • Allows you to create your own filters.
  • Just makes use of your computer's CPU.
  • Soundboard filled with audio effects and memes.


  • Includes microtransactions for some effects.

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Voicemod for PC

  • Free

  • In English
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  • 3.2

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User reviews about Voicemod

  • Agar Prime

    by Agar Prime

    It is creating pop-ups on my computer and i can't uninstall it.

  • Keith Giard

    by Keith Giard

    Installation for a free trial was impossible. Not going to buy it if I can't try it first. Don't hit me with charges before I even get it installed an More

  • Juan Bosch

    by Juan Bosch

    The best voice changer for discord and fortnite. I love the real time voice changing. Super immersive experience.


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